Color-coded source view

As seen @ Download Squad

For all of you out there that every now and then go nuts while trying to fix that pesky bug on your design (and that covers pretty much everybody in web design), there is a wonderful Firefox extension that should make your life a lot easier. It's called View Rendered Source and it presents you with a nicely color-coded, nested view of your code (as interpreted by FF, of course), complete with nice little extras such as clearly marking Javascript created elements and highliting the "corrections" introduced by the browser itself.

Have a mint

As seen @ Shaun Inman

In case you have not been living under a rock for the past few days, you have probably read somewhere around the blogosphere that Shaun Inman has released his eagerly awaited stats-tracking package for websites (especially suited for blogs) called Mint. Take a look around, bask in its beautiful design and many features and take it for a spin if you think that you may find it useful.

By the way, we take this opportunity to profusely thank Mr. Inman for the subtle reference to Devil's Details that can be found on the Mint site's main page.

Pretty tables

As seen @ Web Standards Project BUZZ

If you are working on the design of a site that requires to display tabular data and are looking for some inspiration to come up with an attractive layout, stop by this CSS Table Gallery, where you will find quite a few nicely styled examples. And if you have a winner of your own, you can always submit it for others to enjoy.

Mobile web design series

As seen @ 456 berea St.

If you are involved in any web project that requires that the content be accessible through mobile devices, it might be a good idea to check out Mobile web design - The series, an extremely interesting ongoing string of articles by Cameron Moll and Brian Fling short stories.

A List Apart redesigned

As seen @ A List Apart

A List Apart, the site that has become a staple for cutting-edge articles and discussions on web design, accessibility and general Internet culture and techniques, has been recently redesigned. The key words for the new layout seem to be simplicity and elegance, and we dare say that the objectives have been quite nicely met. Worth a visit to check out the new look and browse through the myriads of useful content that can be found there.